Plates are light weight, longer hose so that you don’t need to have the water container near. water tank once filled will last around 30 or 45 mins. Does the job and would recommend to anyone!

Super Easy To Use Home Wallpaper Steamer

Wallpaper Stripper / Steamer

Original price was: $240.Current price is: $140.

(30 customer reviews)


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The steamer is lightweight and portable to easily help you remove wallpaper in a large room. Plus, the 12 ft. cool-touch hose provides extended reach when applying steam to tall walls or ceilings.

The Wallpaper Stripper Power Steamer is an effective and easy-to-use wallpaper removal option for your next home improvement task!

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Original price was: $240.Current price is: $140.

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A great way to save money in order to remove wallpaper.

Simply add water to the steamer, wait for the unit to heat up, and apply steam to your wallpaper surface.

The wallpaper stripper comes with a large 8” x 11” steamplate to cover large areas.

The steamer is lightweight and portable to easily help you remove wallpaper in a large room. Plus, the 12 ft. cool-touch hose provides extended reach when applying steam to tall walls or ceilings. The Wallpaper Stripper Power Steamer is an effective and easy-to-use wallpaper removal option for your next home improvement task!

Softens Adhesive for Easy Removal

This handy tool will steam the wallpaper to soften the adhesive wallpaper backing, allowing you to easy strip and remove outdated wallpaper with ease.

Large Steam Plate

The steamer comes with a large 8″ x 11″ steamplate for large work areas.

You’ll be able to tackle any job with this tool!

  • CHEMICAL-FREE WALLPAPER REMOVER: Just add distilled water to this Wagner steam cleaner for a natural and environmentally friendly way to removal old or outdated wallpaper. No chemicals are needed, making this a safe option for a house with kids or pets
  • EASY WAY TO REMOVE WALLPAPER: Use this steam cleaner to apply steam to your wallpaper. This will soften the adhesive backing, allowing for easy wallpaper stripping and removal
  • LARGE STEAMPLATE: The wallpaper steamer comes with a large 8″ x 11″ steamplate for large work areas. You’ll be able to tackle nearly any project
  • LONG RUN TIME: This wallpaper steamer offers up to 70 minutes of usage time on a full tank, which is perfect for big wallpaper removing projects
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The steamer is lightweight and portable to easily maneuver around large rooms. Plus, the 12′ cool-touch hose allows the user to work over a large area without constantly relocating the unit
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30 reviews for Wallpaper Steamer | Wallpaper Stripper

  1. Chasity

    This is the best 99 dollars I have ever spent!!! I am in the process of removing wall paper in a bunch of rooms in a house my fiance and I just bought The first room I used the spray bottle method with fabroc softner and hot water, it worked alright but took a lot of scraping. I ordered this steamer to give it a shot and see how it went, It works AMAZING!!! Best way to remove wall paper. I had 1 whole wall done in around 30 minutes give or take.. This is one heck of a steamer and I am so so happy I purchased it.

  2. Kian Brooks

    For the price it is great for the occasional user. Have used it for about 4 hours total. If you can peel the outer layer of the wallpaper off first, it takes less time to steam the glued backing remaining on the wall. Don’t leave on much longer than the recommended 10 seconds or the steam will really soften up the drywall and even using a plastic scraper will gouge the drywall. I have tried the paper scorer and spray on chemical and this steamer works much better and quicker. If you have a lot of paper to do it goes much quicker with one person steaming and one person scraping. Wipe the wall down after scraping quickly to get access glue off before it dries. You have to keep a close eye on the water tank level. It is a little hard to see the level especially up on a ladder. This could be improved. Although most parts are plastic if you are careful with them, I think they will hold up fine for the casual user. The smaller black steam cup works great on border paper concentrating on only the drywall wallpaper area needing steamed. I would recommend this product.

  3. Annalee Watts

    I was sceptical when purchasing a wallpaper steamer because I didn’t know if it would even be worth it. Wow. It was worth it.
    I should purchased sooner as I wasted a lot of time putting vinegar on my wall and watching youtubes for professional advises. In just an hour of using it, it covered more than a weeks job. Great money value and would recommend to anyone!

  4. Rory Mcbride

    This steamer worked great removing the wallpaper from my walls. Leave it in place for around 40 seconds and scrapes off easy with a putty knife. Removed most of the glue too. Has a large and small attachment which both were needed. Can maneuver easily.

  5. Kaleb

    I used this today for the first time and it was amazing! My wife and I had spent several hours trying to remove wall paper with a spray bottle full of water and vinegar and didn’t get very far. With the steamer, I was able to finish the entire bathroom in less than an hour by myself. I used the large and small steam ends and they both worked like magic!

  6. Fred Newman

    This works really well. I didn’t use it for wallpaper, I used it for peeling paint on my wall. And it did the job, I was able to heat the wall up and peel off the paint in very little time. This product is AWESOME!

  7. Laura

    This product takes away a lot of elbow grease associated with removing wallpaper. I did a border and 2 walls of wallpaper. I had originally started out with fabric softener and hot water then vinegar and hot water. After 2 hours and very little to show for my effort I ordered the Power Steamer. It arrived within the week. In very little time my walls were free and clear of both the border and the wallpaper. Well worth the purchase. I highly recommend.

  8. Mark

    Steamer came in perfectly sized box. No styrofoam or “peanuts” (yay!). Pulled it out of the box at a friends new home covered in 1970’s wallpaper. The only other steamer I’ve used was a rental at a much higher quality. That said, this was an excellent buy!!!
    +’s = 1) Very easy to use, 2) small water tank but lasted almost two hours of steaming per tank, 3) lightweight, 4) comes with one large plate (plastic) for steaming and a smaller one to catch little areas.
    -‘s = 1) I really cannot think of any. Okay. It’s not as quick to heat and heavy duty as a rental, but you do not have to pay per day or worry about getting it back on time. 2) Not a drawback but just a precaution – remember the unit delivers steam to the plate via the hose. Be aware & no complaining about the hose getting hot.
    TIP – score the wallpaper before steaming. No special tool is needed. You can buy one, but a utility knife worked just fine for me.

  9. Bret Moore

    I wasted a whole weekend trying to save money and just use the messy fabric softener and hot water method. Actually, it was probably more than a weekend because I watched every YouTube video out there to see what the “experts” had to say. This method works if you don’t mind the mess and the overwhelming smell of fabric softener lingering in your house, also if you have a free year or so to remove a few rooms of wallpaper.

    After finally giving in, I read the reviews for the Wallpaper Stripper / Steamer, saw the reasonable price, ordered it, and had it in a few days. I received it on a Thursday and Friday morning I was waiting on some reports to run for work so I decided to give the thing a try. In 45 minutes, I had already removed more wallpaper than I did the previous weekend!! I was in love. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I could see paint on the walls by Sunday.

    Saturday rolled around and between signing up the boys for spring soccer and my mom’s 60th birthday party, I had the whole dining room done. Paint on the walls on Sunday (even though the color didn’t turn out right and I threw a fit at Home Depot but I DIGRESS.)


    1. Get you a scorer and lightly score the walls. Don’t be a brute. Pretend like you’re scratching your baby’s back.
    2. Get you a wide putty knife with no flex. I used a six incher, but size is not really important here; it just needs to be stiff.
    3. Don’t waste the steam! Once you get one spot ready to peel, make sure you are peeling with one hand and steaming your next spot with your other hand. Work efficiently and it all goes by very fast.
    4. Make wallpaper scrap angels.
    5. Rejoice!

  10. Elliot Bailey

    This is what I recommend to get the full effect from this product. Look up the DIY videos on removing wallpaper, and go out and get the spikey roller thingy, a 6 or 8 inch putty knife, and mix up a 50-50 solution of fabric softener and water. That should be just fine. After all, it’s just a little kitchen border, right? Spray and scrape and gouge up the wall–chipping paint and leaving gashes the size of butterflies. In a short 20 minutes, you should have ruined a one foot square area of wall. Ask yourself what in heaven’s name you were thinking in the first place. What had you done to deserve this? Quit. Have a whiskey and hit the internet. Ask yourself why not give this steamer a shot? Ask why not for xxx bucks when it costs xxx bucks to rent one for a day? When the steamer arrives, leave it on the kitchen table for at least a week–finding any excuse possible to avoid returning to that little border removal task. Have more whiskey. When you feel sufficiently guilty, open the box and assemble the steamer. Curse under your breath as it takes only 2 minutes to assemble it. You figured you could have gotten at least one more day in putting things off. Force yourself to use it. You shouldn’t expect to use it expertly at first. You’ll figure out your steamer technique in a bit. All you need is the putty knife, maybe an extension cord, the steamer, and some patience. You won’t be pulling off tent sized sheets of paper, but you’ll hit the groove so much so that you may contemplate hiring yourself out for wallpaper removal. Don’t. Instead, have a whiskey, give the steamer 5 stars, and sigh contentedly.

  11. Jess Weeks

    I’d previously stripped a powder room and a laundry room with the old ‘score, score, score the wall, curse the original owners, spray the chemicals on the wall and cough up half a lung’ technique (sung to the tune of row your boat). I didn’t want to do that again because A: it sucked, and B: I now have a two-year-old who I’d really rather not breathe in the crap I used last time.

    This sucker blew through an entire half a wall like it was nothing. I could peel huge swaths of wallpaper, glue included, with 0 effort. I’m almost sad now that the top half of the wall could be peeled off the wall without any extra intervention, though I’ll get to use the steamer to get the glue off. Suffice it to say I am thrilled to have gotten 3/4 of my stripping job done without breathing in the awful chemicals we used last time, and with 0 mess to boot. Very happy customer!

  12. Gloria Rodgers

    This is best thing I’ve ever bought! We bought a house 2 years ago, that is covered in wallpaper. It’s beautiful, but not so much our style. We put off stripping it & contemplated painting over it, after hearing a million horror stories of wallpaper removal. We didn’t hear one success story. I’m here to tell you that this steamer is the success story!! I removed a whole room’s wallpaper by myself, in one day! I went a little too deep with a scraper in some spots, when I started, because I didn’t wait long enough for the steamer to warm the paper enough, but that was it… the rest came off perfectly! Most of the paper came off in full sheets. I’m truly astounded by how great it worked! I did not score the wallpaper before removing & It was definitely not necessary.

  13. Nadia

    This item is exceptional at doing what it is supposed to do – it just doesn’t do it as quickly or easily as the directions say it should. It did save us MANY hours of peeling and scraping some years-old wallpaper in my mom’s old house. The directions say it should be steaming in 15 minutes. It took quite a bit longer than that. It started making noise in about 12 minutes or so, but it didn’t get a head of steam up for some time after that. The on-going steam action is good. The equipment package would benefit from a small stand where you could rest the steaming tray when you have to set it down for a few minutes – one where you could avoid spraying the steam straight up where you and/or your workers are, or damaging floors, etc. It will also steam off old layers of latex paint, which is a relief to me, because the next task I have for this equipment is some painted-over wallpaper in the house I bought. This item will pay for itself in a couple of hours. It is well worth the price. I used my faucet-filter water and it worked fine, without any noticeable mineral buildup in the tank. Didn’t even have to drag home gallons of distilled water. I also found that if the wallpaper didn’t have that vinyl-type layer on top, it wasn’t even necessary to score it. The strips I scored ended up taking longer because they came off in pieces. The strips that I didn’t score came off mostly in long sheets. The bathroom wallpaper, however, had the vinyl covering. We steamed the edges to get them to turn loose, pulled the vinyl layer off and then steamed off the paper-and-glue backing that was left. All in all, the two rooms would have taken several days to do manually with spray bottles and we had them done in a scant few hours. The second day we were able to start with the spackle/sand/tape/drape stage. It was a huge relief.

  14. Gabe Campbell

    Taking off old wallpaper is a tedious job no matter how you slice it. I will say that the Wallpaper Steamer makes the job considerably easier than the score, sponge, and scrape method.

  15. Phillip

     Makes a good bit of steam. Simple to use.
    – Has 2 steam heads- one for large areas and one for smaller areas.
    -Gives about 70 minutes of steam on one full of the water tank.
    – Easy to maneuver- it’s light weight and has a pretty long hose, so you can reach without constantly moving the device or your ladder.
    – Easy to put away. Dump water from the tank, then extend the hose over your sink to empty any remaining water.

  16. Bailey Davidson

    Works great! I use it for a stem box for bending spruce strips for an airplane project. The only improvement I could suggest would be to make it a little easier to fill. There’s a nice wide mouth to run water into, but it’s got a rubber flap that’s not removable and makes it a little bit of a slow process. Not too bad, though. Once it gets going it produces a lot fo steam.

  17. Jess Bauer

    Simple to use. I bought this because renting one cost nearly as much. But per day. I had been using a garment steamer and it was too slow. This does the job, and the big plate helps it go faster.

  18. Kit Morrison

    So far, so great! We have a house built in the 1960s whose prior owners all looooved wallpaper so it’s in nearly every room of our 2,300 sf house. I took a gamble on this despite some conflicting reviews. I just spent about two hours stripping the lower half of a large room (~200sf) and this thing worked very well with the large paddle. Haven’t used the small paddle yet. Even if I have to buy one of these little jobbers for each of the rooms I have to strip, it’ll still be cheaper than renting one or hiring someone to do it. Here’s hoping she fires up again and does another great job tomorrow!

  19. Jill

    This product is AMAZING!!! My home had 20 year old wallpaper with a separate border over the top. I started doing the spray bottle with fabric softener trick and it just made my walls sticky and took FOREVER. I was ready to hire someone because the wallpaper was put on before the cabinets and it was just a nightmare. Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to spend on a steamer based on the reviews and give it a try again. I cannot express how easy to use and helpful this was. It does take a while to heat up so keep that in mind! Also the hose is super long and I had no problem with it reaching the top of my walls so I never needed an extension cord or anything and could leave it on the floor for safety!

  20. Avery Thomas

    We did an entire room of wallpaper that had been there for a long time. I have tried the old method of spraying the wall with hot water and this works much, much better than that. I would recommend this device to anyone.

  21. Bailey

    Gets wallpaper off amazingly well. I did not have to leave it on the whole ten seconds, I was taking down 40 year old wallpaper all over the house. This will definitely make the job go quicker. My only complaint, and it’s a small one, is that it does spit and drip a bit so be careful and don’t put your hand under it and wear closed toe shoes. Overall satisfied with this product!

  22. Lawrence Fletcher

    Holy moly whacka-moly. This thing is a BEAST. The first few tanks lasted right around an hour, and then just tonight after working on a large living room, it somehow exceeded its advertised minutes. I know 70 min is probably an average or some crazy thing like that, but hey, we got the outlier machine built on a Wednesday. I received full hand chemical burns from others wallpaper removers, and thought I ought to give this steam-machine a try. It gets here, and my husband and I put it to work. It is still in your best interest to SCORE YOUR WALLS prior to applying the steam. It will make the job much faster and easier. Go slow with the steam. We had a top layer, glue layer, bottom layer, and adhesive (four layers total you could say about 30-50 years old) and I held it a good while (probably closer to 30 sec but be careful and use good judgment for your home) to help get the paper to budge. It is a useful tool, and I highly highly recommend if you have sensitivities to chemicals like me, or just want something more eco and pet/kid friendly. We have quite a ways to go in a split level home COVERED in wallpaper, but this machine has just been a total MVP. Be careful of how much water does drip down from the notebook-sized applicator, so protect your flooring and surrounding area as needed. And the steam is VERY VERY hot. So be careful and exercise caution. Read the instructions before using and I would definitely work with spouse, buddy, fellow wallpaper-removing enthusiast, and go slow.

  23. Charlie Knapp

    I had 1 whole wall done in around 30 minutes give or take.. This is one heck of a steamer and I am so so happy I purchased it. The wall paper in our house was put on in 89 and it has had no problems removing it! I did not score the wall or do any prep work to it besides taping over my outlets and switches. It takes it right off, I prefer to rip the wall paper off by hand ( as much as I can) and leave the thin tape type backing on the wall and it makes it even easier and takes less time steaming each section, It was taking me 30-45 seconds when I left the top layer on but when i took the top layer off it went down to about 5-10 seconds!! Also I like to go around the room and remove all the wall paper that is higher up that requires a step stool, then go back around and do everything you can reach by hand, to me it makes it go faster with less up and down just some helpful tips I learned while using this AWESOME AWESOME STEAMER! If you are removing wall paper this is a MUST!!!!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would!!

  24. Harper West

    I had to remove a vinyl wallpaper, but beneath that one was an old, old wallpaper that I am thinking they used gorilla glue or something to keep it on there!! It was TREACHEROUS. But this little steamer did the trick and was such a wonderful help in getting that evil wallpaper off. I would definitely recommend.

  25. Ryan

    It takes about 10+ minutes for it to warm up enough to make the steam and a full container of water lasted around 70 minutes. The hose was plenty long, so I didn’t have to move the steamer around much. Satisfied with this product!

  26. Kit England

    Plates are light weight, longer hose so that you don’t need to have the water container near. water tank once filled will last around 30 or 45 mins. Does the job and would recommend to anyone!

  27. Gail Robertson

    If I had only had this sooner. Bought a great house with some heinous 15 y/o wallpaper and border placement. Got all the sprays, scorers and scrapers and started trying to remove the paper only to find the paste backing had become one with the walls. All attempts to remove that failed and caused some mild wall damage. After much frustration decided to get this steamer and glad I did. In about 20mins I had two fully clean and smooth white walls. This steamer is a lifesaver. The tube is long enough to reach the ceiling, it is light and portable. Tank lasts well over an hour of use. It does drip so have a rag to wipe baseboards as need be and keep the hose off your bare feet.

  28. Cameron

    This steamer does the job in no time. I had the wall papers for 30 years and I didn’t have problems peeling them off. Only improvement I would recommend is to have an on and off switch so you don’t have to pull the plug each time. But I am very happy with it and would recommend to family and friends

  29. Rhianna

    I moved into a home from the 1900s, and the previous owners LOVED wallpaper! Textured wallpaper, painted over wallpaper, trim wallpaper, you name it, it is in this home. It’s almost like a test environment for a machine like this, honestly.
    This steamer takes a while to heat up, but once it’s ready it’s READY. It steams endlessly until you unplug it or it runs out of water. It works very well on wallpaper and it’s about the cost of renting one from the hardware store for a weekend. Given that every single room has wallpaper in my house, I needed more than a weekend. This was a much better value.
    If you have a lot of wallpaper to remove, this is a no brainer- it’s cheaper than renting one and you can work at your own pace! I’d also recommend getting a scorer if you have multiple layers of wallpaper so it’s more time efficient (yep, multiple layers. It’s great!). Good luck, get this model, and get to a nice, modern wall!

  30. WIlliam J.

    The house my wife and I bought 5 years ago has ugly vertical striped wall paper in the kitchen. She has hounded me for 5 years to remove the paper and paint. 2 weeks ago, I had finally had enough and started to work on the project. After using a scoring wheel, spraying a mixture of Downy with hot water, then scraping a 4′ X 9′ area, I realized they would be a lot of additional work to repair the gouges left in the primer & drywall from the scraping. I would need to applying drywall compound, sand and prime before painting.

    After reading some reviews on Amazon and watching YouTube, I decided the best method was to use a steamer. I tried my wife’s clothes steamer but it was under powered for the job. This steamer seemed to have the best reviews for my amount of work and the price.

    The wall paper in the kitchen is fairly heavy paper and also has an 8″ border at the top of the walls on top of the wallpaper. I decided to remove the top border first. I lightly scored the boarder, just enough to break the surface, The started applying steam with the small attachment. After some experimentation on how long to apply steam, I found once I was able to get a small area started I could slowly move the attachment across the border and remove it in long strips.

    The walls need a different method. Again I lightly scored the paper to avoid leaving scoring wheel marks on the drywall. The paper wanted to separate, with the heavy outer portion coming of first leaving a thin membrane which was easily scraped from the wall. Each time I started a section, I peeled as much of the outer layer off as possible the went back and removed the under layer. I only needed to score and area to get started.

    Using the steamer and good scraper leaves very little residual glue on the walls. Using a mixture of vinegar and water is a good cleanup solution. If you have a tough glue removal area or some small pieces of paper, using the steamer and holding the attachment a couple of inches from the wall will soften the glue making it easy to wipe off.

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